This Weekend: Wee Willie Walker

Hour 1: Wee Willie Walker

Elwood gives a warm welcome to rediscovered soul man, Wee Willie Walker, and his terrific release, IF NOTHING EVER CHANGES. First, some other “Littles” from the blues world, Little Walter, Little Milton, Little Charlie.  It was Rick Estrin from the Nightcats who got Wee Willie back in the studio.  He will be played as well, along with Ray Charles, and new blues from Mississippi bluesman, Mr. Sipp.

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Hour 2: Janiva Magness

Elwood welcomes the fabulous singer and Detroit native Janiva Magness, fresh from falling in love, getting married, and making a new record, LOVE WINS AGAIN.   It will be spun, along with some BB King, up and coming singer Danielle Nicole, and some other famous Detroit bluesmakers, John Lee Hooker, Bettye LaVette, and the White Stripes.


 AIR DATES: April 22-23, 2017
STREAM DATES: April 28-May 4, 2017

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