Under the Hood: When Muddy Waters Dedicated a Song to Tracy Nelson

Singer Tracy Nelson got Charlie Musselwhite to play on her first record, recorded in Chicago in 1964. Charlie also introduced her to Chicago’s blues legends.

“I was 19. You had to be 21 to be in bars in Chicago, and so I borrowed an I.D. from a girl who lived in my dorm, Marion Shulo. So the bouncer’s looking at my ID, Otis Spann walks up. Charlie starts to introduce me to him, and I could tell he was gonna use my real name. And the bouncer’s looking at this card that says I’m Marion Shulo. So I elbowed him in the ribs and I stuck my hand out and said, “Marion Shulo. Nice to meet you.” And Charlie introduced me around. He introduced me by my actual name. And Otis said, “I thought her name was like Mary or something.” So I explained, no I had a fake. I was 19 and had a fake ID. Muddy got up and the second song in the next set he dedicated “Nineteen Years Old” to me.” – Tracy Nelson