Under the Hood: Stevie Ray Vaughan on Playing from the Heart

Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the most influential electric guitar players since Hendrix.  Stevie inspired a new generation of young players to explore the world of blues guitar.  And for those hoping to unlock the secrets of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar virtuosity, here is…Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Since I can’t read music I’ve found out that I do the best when I just listen for where I’m trying to go with it and where it can go. And not try to rush it, not try to make up things as I’m going necessarily, just let them come out. Then I’m a lot better off. If I start trying to pay attention to where I am on the neck, and this is the proper way to do this or that, then I end up thinking that thing through and instead of playing from the heart I play from my mind. And that’s where I find that I get in trouble. If I just go with what’s in my heart and let it come out, then I’m okay. – Stevie Ray Vaughan