Under the Hood: Steve Miller on Jimmy Reed

Steve Miller has been a blues fan since childhood, and what a childhood it must have been. Before he was ten years old, he had met guitar pioneers Les Paul and T-Bone Walker. Another of Steve Miller’s favorites was the great Jimmy Reed.

When I was a kid, when I was eleven years old, I was in Dallas growing up in Texas. And Jimmy Reed was a favorite of mine. There was a great blues show on the radio in Dallas on WRR was Jim Lowe’s Cat’s Caravan. And they used to play a lot of Jimmy Reed, and that’s where I first heard of Jimmy. And I became a big Jimmy Reed fan and learned all of his songs. And my first, I put my first band together when I was twelve years old, and we played at fraternity parties all the time and we did a lot of Jimmy Reed tunes. I ended up backing Jimmy Reed up when I was fourteen years old. And to this day, I guess he’s just about my favorite guy. – Steve Miller