Under the Hood: Kim Wilson on Lessons from Muddy Waters

Kim Wilson co-founded the Fabulous Thunderbirds, before embarking on an illustrious solo career.  No surprise… at least not to Muddy Waters.  Back in 1978, Muddy Waters said this about Kim Wilson…

“This boy out of Texas, there’s a little new group coming called the Thunderbirds. Look out for those boys because this boy play the harp, Kim, he’s awful heavy on the harp now, awful heavy.” - Muddy Waters

But what did Kim Wilson learn from Muddy Waters?

“…Muddy Waters told me a lot of things. And they’re all coming true.  You know, I just hope there’s other kids picking up the real thing in the right way. It’s become very nebulous even what blues music is, you know.  You can’t mix rock and blues.  You get no blues and really, really bad rock.” – Kim Wilson