Under the Hood: Jimmie Vaughan on SRV & Albert King

Stevie Ray Vaughan, of course, is a legend among guitar players. How did he get that way? By studying the music of the blues masters, in particular the left-handed guitar master Albert King. Back in the 70s Stevie Ray and his big brother Jimmie were honing their craft at the Austin, Texas blues mecca Antone’s nightclub. Jimmie Vaughan describes the time Stevie’s hero Albert king paid a visit.

I remember the first time that we played at Antone’s, and Albert King came in and Clifford Antone said “hey, there is this kid over here who wants to play with you.”  And I was standing there when I heard him say it to Albert and I was like hmm, wonder who he is talking about.  He said, yes Stevie wanted me to ask you if he could play with you and everybody is like “What?!”  You know like nobody would ever ask Albert King to play with him you know what I mean?  Because he was this huge scary guy and he was Albert King, right?  And Stevie got up there and started doing Albert King licks with Albert King on stage and nobody could believe it. And Albert King just, you know put his arm around him and they were like buds ever since then. – Jimmie Vaughan