Under the Hood: Jim Dickinson on the Rolling Stones in Muscle Shoals

The Rolling Stones have always been devoted fans of American music, and they have often made pilgrimages to the recording studios where the finest blues, R&B and soul tunes were cut.  In 1969 the Stones spent a few days at the legendary Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama.  Producer Jim Dickinson was there, and he remembers watching the Stones at work.

I think as great as they are, truly the thing that’s understated about them is how great the songs are ‘cause they can write songs like nobody in the genre.  I mean they’re whatever you call the songs, it’s certainly not like the typical rantings of an English schoolboy. But the thing that I learned from them was that’s spontaneity, capturing the moment ‘cause the first time they got through the song without a major mistake, Charlie Watts got up from the drums and that was it. – Jim Dickinson