Under the Hood: Jeff Healey on Making a Set List

Jeff Healey was accustomed to overcoming challenges. Not the least of which was being blind. But a daily challenge for any musician is what songs do you play in concert? You want to play what you want to play. The audience wants to hear what it wants to hear. How do you decide? Jeff Healey, on the process of making a set list.

“Well it’s a very tricky thing uh you’re walking so many different lines. You don’t wanna do something that’s been done to death by bar bands and other rock bands alike. You know, you don’t wanna do things that go too far left or right field to what it is that you do. And so there’s so many different avenues that you can go down when you’re putting something like this together. Hopefully being the diplomats that we are, we walk all the fine lines and get the best of all worlds.” – Jeff Healey