Under the Hood: Jeff Beck on Exploring New Sounds

Jeff Beck has always been one of the most versatile and innovative guitarists around, from his time with the Yardbirds to his 1970s jazz-fusion work and beyond.  To this day, the reclusive genius is still exploring the limitless possibilities of his instrument, always listening for new sounds.  Here is Jeff Beck.

“All I know is that I have some strange capacity for putting down feelings through the sound. What makes me different is that I’ve had the privilege of being brought up in an era where there is so much talent around.  Like Elvis’ guitarist, Gene Vincent’s guitarist, Buddy Guy.  I went backwards.  I went back into the deep south, the blues, Cajun music.  I used to just listen to singles by the most completely off the wall guys you’ve never heard of.  Just to try to get something new.” - Jeff Beck