Under the Hood: Gregg Allman on “One Way Out”

The members of the Allman Brothers Band grew up in the deep South during the 1950s and 60s.  There they absorbed all of the best soul, jazz, R&B and blues the world had to offer, and they drew from this great music to create their own distinctive sound.  Gregg Allman remembers how he first heard the classic song, “One Way Out.”

“‘One Way Out,’ I think my brother got this really rare Sonny Boy Williams record and it was on there.  He came to me and said man, you comfortable singing this?  And I said I don’t know, let me try. You’ll notice like on each record that the Brothers cut there’s usually an old contemporary blues tune that we had taken and, done our own version of it. We’ve always done that, and we kind of still do it.” – Gregg Allman