Under the Hood: Derek Trucks on the Allman Brothers’ Legacy

Duane Allman’s early death in a 1971 motorcycle accident was just the first of many tragedies to befall the Allman Brothers Band over the years, but today the group still survives and thrives on the concert scene.  Derek Trucks is the nephew of Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks, and he plays slide guitar in the band as well as leading a successful solo career.  Derek Trucks looks back on the legacy of the Allman Brothers.

“It’s pretty fascinating, I mean the fact that the band is still playing and with as much creativity as it is now. You know it’s amazing, 35+ years. It really shows that if you have the right chemistry and the right mindset it can go indefinitely. You know with the Allman Brothers it reminds me of, in a lot of ways, like the Duke Ellington or the Count Basie Orchestras where there’s a certain attitude musically and there’s a songbook and it can just keep going even if certain members go. So it’s an amazing unique situation, the Allman Brothers are.” - Derek Trucks