Under the Hood: Cyril Neville on the Meters and Allen Toussaint

Allen Toussaint was born in New Orleans on this day in 1938.  At age 18, he got a lucky break and recorded with RCA Victor.  His talent quickly got noticed.  And he produced hits for Lee Dorsey, Irma Thomas, and Benny Spellman.  His songs got noticed, too.  Before long, his tunes were recorded by everyone from Otis Redding to The Yardbirds. Cyril Neville remembers when he was in the Meters and working with Allen Toussaint.

Well you know all of the stuff that came out starting I guess around 65 or something like that is the Meters playing on it. I think it was Alan who chose the name the Meters. And they sent the stuff to Josie Records and they didn’t even they didn’t think they’d really hear back from nobody or nothing and the next thing you knew they had a number one single with Cissy Strut. – Cyril Neville