Under the Hood: Chris Layton on Meeting Stevie Ray Vaughan

When Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble made their debut in the 1980s, blues fans everywhere could not believe their ears.  Rarely had someone so young demonstrated such a complete mastery of the electric guitar.  Even the other guys in Double Trouble were blown away when they first heard Stevie Ray.  Drummer Chris Layton remembers.

First time I met Stevie he was in a band called Paulra And The Cobras and their guitar player was playing this solo and I could hear.  I wasn’t any louder than the band, but I could hear like it was like outside the building.  I remember stopping and I thought what is that.  And Stevie was playing this solo.  And I remember it struck me because I’d seen concerts and stuff growing up but I’d never seen anybody that played like that.  That had this kind of energy thing that was coming from him.  And I was really taken with that.  - Chris Layton