Under the Hood: Angela Strehli on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Formative Years

Being on the road a lot, it seems almost every town has at least one underage kid hoping to be the next Stevie Ray Vaughan. Well, back in the 1970s, down at Antone’s blues club in Austin, Texas, Stevie was one of those kids, hoping to be the next Albert King. Singer Angela Strehli was a fixture on the Antone’s scene in those days, and she recalls Stevie Ray Vaughan’s formative years.

“He would wander into the original Antone’s downtown, when he was just a kid it seemed like. And he would just, I really think he didn’t have much of another place to hang out because he was there a lot. I’m talking about in the daytime and of course waiting for a chance to meet Albert King. And Albert was never a person to be trifled with. And when Antone told him, “Well this kid is pretty good. And not only that but he’s a huge fan of yours and you’ll hear it when he plays. So it really was, that was a moment to see those two up on stage together.” – Angela Strehli