The Rolling Stones: Blues Breaker

Round about 1962, a little blues band formed in London. They named themselves after a Muddy Waters song. Wound up in the vanguard of the British Invasion. They began as a cover band, trying to recreate the American blues they heard on records. Then, they began writing their own songs. This led to them becoming, so they say, the greatest rock and roll band in the world. The blues is always at the heart of their music. Now, some fifty years later, they have released their first new record in ten years, BLUE AND LONESOME, a down and dirty salute to the blues that first got them moving. Produced by Don Was and the Glimmer Twins, it was recorded in three days. Just like they used to do it. Here’s a Little Walter tune, “Hate To See You Go.” Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones.


AIR DATES: December 3-4, 2016

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