The Claudettes – “Tide Pool”

Elwood’s Blues Breaker – Piano man Johnny Iguana and drummer Michael Caskey have played with just about everybody in the Chicago blues and roots scene. Back in 2010 the two of them landed a gig playing in a small town about an hour and half out of Chicago. A little place called Claudette’s Bar.

Well, Claudette liked them, made the two of them her house band, and put them on salary. Then she lost the bar, but kept them on salary, calling them the Claudettes, and touring them around wherever she can set up her own portable bar. The Claudettes have played in video stores and stationery shops, among other places, wearing LED displays that announce drink specials. It’s a bizarre gig, but the duo is rolling with it, especially since they came up with their own brand of songs they call “Cosmic Cartoon Music.”

They put out a lot of sound for just two guys.

Originally aired February 8-9, 2014 (Downchild episode).