Sneak Preview of the National Blues Museum this Weekend!

Hour 1: National Blues Museum

April 2nd sees the opening of the National Blues Museum in St. Louis Missouri.   Elwood welcomes the chairman of the board, Rob Endicott, to talk about how awesome the museum will be (especially the interactive exhibits, partially donated by Jack White) and the history of the blues.  There will be emphasis on the St. Louis portion of the blues, featuring Chuck Berry, Pokey LaFarge, Jackie Brenston (and Ike Turner), Ann Peebles, Little Milton, Albert King (and SRV), T. Bone Burnett, and Otis Spann. Elwood rounds out the show with a great new hard core blues/rock band.  They call themselves The Record Company.


Hour 2: Markus James

Bluesman Markus James is well-known for his excursions to Africa to find the roots of the blues. For his latest release, HEAD FOR THE HILLS, he heads for the hills of North Mississippi, to record, and to poach some Mississippi drummers to help. Besides his CD, stalwarts of North Mississippi blues will be played, including Jesse Mae Hemphill, R.L. Burnside, and (of course) the North Mississippi All Stars. Plus, Markus James plays LIVE in the studio.


AIR DATES: March 26-27, 2016

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