Pokey LaFarge: Blues Breaker

Pokey LaFarge is known for dipping his toes into the waters of the music of the twenties and thirties to come up with his own 21st Century take on things. His new release, MANIC REVELATIONS, has him bringing his hot style full blown into issues of the day. A proud citizen of St. Louis Missouri, he brings his musical talent to bear on social unrest, global warming, relationships, and the meaning of it all. Nobody knows the trouble he’s seen, but you know, we all have really. And he puts it all to music for us. It’s like having a cup of coffee, or a more than a few rounds of whiskey, with a thoughtful guy, who knows how to swing it. This is Pokey LaFarge. “Riot in the Streets.”

Version 3

AIR DATES: June 3-4, 2017

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