Mike Zito: Blues Breaker

Mike Zito is a musician’s musician.  He began his career as a guitar man out of St. Louis Missouri, playing locally and recording on his own label.  Zito’s first national album, TODAY, featured a lineup of superstar session players. That earned him a lot of attention, and his second earned him more, after Cyril Neville collaborated with him on the title track, PEARL RIVER. Then Mike ran into Devon Allman at the Guitar Center in St. Louis. And before you know it, all three were all in a supergroup called the ROYAL SOUTHERN BROTHERHOOD.  Mike Zito spent four years with them, and is now back on his solo path.  His latest is called MAKE BLUES NOT WAR.  Excellent advice. This song is called “Wasted Time.”



AIR DATES: February 4-5, 2017

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