Happy St. Patrick’s Day from C.C. Rider & The BluesMobile!

Green is certainly not the first color that comes to mind when you think about the blues. But you wouldn’t be so crazy if you did. See, the Irish were, for a long time, an oppressed people. And out of that oppression came a culture both steeped in sorrow and buoyant with humor. A deeply spiritual culture. B.B. King knows that. S’why he reached out to an Irish songwriter in the audience one night…

It had been rumored that U2 may drop by that night, and sure enough they did. So sitting in the dressing room as we’re sitting here, and we talked, and we talked, but I had heard Joshua Tree, I’d heard it, and the songs I thought was terrific. So that night, knowing that Bono was a writer, I said to him, I said Bono, sometime would you write a song for me? He said yes. Eight or nine months later, my manager, Sid Seidenberg called and said, B, Bono called me and said he has a song for you. I said WHAT? He said, yes, and their coming to the US and they’d like for you to come over and listen to the song, and if you care to open the show. I said YEAH, I’D LOVE THAT! So I went over then and sure enough, Bono had wrote this song ‘When Love Comes To Town’ and man to be such a young man and the words he had was so, I could… heavy. I can tell you this, they were good to me, they were so good to me. They are people that are concerned, very concerned about humanity and human race. If God had sent Angels to earth to look after us, U2 happen to be angels. - B.B. King

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