Happy Birthday Leo Fender! (with words from Jimmie Vaughan)

Texas bluesman Jimmie Vaughan – older brother of Stevie Ray – knows guitars.  And he knows what he likes.  He likes Fenders.

“Well, I have been playing the Stratocaster’s for many, many years.  I went down to Fender this time and they came up with a signature Jimmy Vaughan guitar which I was real happy about.  It is called the Jimmie Vaughan Tex Mex Stratocaster.  Surprise.  On the outside, it is a Stratocaster that looks very much like a vintage Stratocaster like you’ve seen me play before.  But, I’ve got big frets on it like I do to all my guitars and it is wired the way I would wire my old ones.  And it’s got vintage hardware, comes in five colors, the colors that I liked.  It is a real inexpensive nice guitar that you can take on the road just beat the crap out of it and it really sounds good.” - Jimmie Vaughan