Elwood’s Blues Breaker: Seth Walker “Trouble”

Seth Walker has been making music since the late nineties.  Then in 2009 the rootsy musician really caught fire with his album LEAP OF FAITH. 

In his quest to refine his work as a guitar player, songwriter, and singer, Seth moved from Austin to Nashville, and now to New Orleans.

His latest release, SKY STILL BLUE, was produced by Oliver Wood, half of the great Wood Brothers.  Oliver co-wrote five of the songs.  And his brother, Chris, plays bass. SKY STILL BLUE reflects Seth Walker’s new musical home, with dashes of funk, and barrel house piano.  But his guitar and lyrical hooks remain front and center.   Here is Seth Walker and “Trouble.”

Check it out this weekend on the radio show. AIR DATES: August 16-17, 2014