Elwood’s Blues Breaker: Leon Bridges “Smooth Sailin’”

So Leon Bridges was getting paid as a dishwasher in Ft. Worth Texas, working the open mic nights, and trying to make his way.  He ran into Austin Jenkins at a bar one night, guitar player for the band, White Denim.  They got to talking about clothes.  See Leon is a sharp dresser, and they both share a fascination with vintage recordings. One thing led to another.  And they wound up recording a demo at a bar, which led to a song that went viral, and a record deal with Columbia. Leon is a dynamic, dapper, old school, soul and gospel singer.  The buzz is growing.  We shall now try to turn that buzz into a roar.  Here is Leon Bridges.  The song is “Smooth Sailin’.”

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AIR DATES: July 11-12, 2015