Elwood’s Blues Breaker: Kenny Neal “Bluesmobile”

Louisiana bluesman Kenny Neal is a seasoned performer, from a family and tradition of blues performers. Not long ago, when he was a guest on this program I challenged him– on the spur of the moment- to come up with a jingle for the Bluesmobile. He did. But he couldn’t get it out of his head.  So he took that jingle home with him, tweaked it, wrestled with it, and turned it into a real grown-up song.  With harmonica breaks!  Background chorus you can sing along with! A danceable beat!  And he rhymes Chicago with mojo! A song about blues and cars?  You cannot go wrong!  Kenny Neal and “Bluesmobile.”

 Check it out this weekend on the Radio Show

AIR DATES: July 4-5, 2015