C.C. Rider Showcases Homemade Instruments in The BluesMobile!

C.C. Rider takes the wheel as the Bluesmobile gets into the DIY side of the blues.  Homemade music, yes, but homemade instruments, instruments made from household objects, and stuff you just find on the street.  Featuring Bo Diddley, Jack White, Markus James, Nathan James, Buddy Buy, Homemade Jamz, Lightnin Slim, Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Janiva Magness, and Super Chikan, who not only plays his own handmade guitars, he has had them displayed in art studios.  JD MCPherson is this week’s Blues Breaker, an excellent singer and songwriter in a 21st Century rockabilly kind of way.

AIR DATES: June 20-21, 2015

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