Big Harp George: Blues Breaker

Big Harp George plays a chromatic harmonica, which is like a regular harmonica only you can play in more keys. It’s the pipe organ of harmonicas.   You may recall Big Harp George from a couple years ago.  He was a criminal defense attorney and law professor in the San Francisco Bay Area, who loves the blues so much he enlisted a roster of Bay Area musicians to help him make his own record.  The result earned him a Best New Artist nomination from the Blues Foundation, some great reviews, some fans, and the impetus to do another one. It is called WASH MY HORSE IN CHAMPAGNE, which is a great title, and it is a great record.  So here is Bug Harp George with a piece of jump and jive called  “Cool Mistake.”

unnamedAIR DATES: August 6-7, 2016

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